Abojeb at BARI-SHIP 2017 Imabari Maritime Fair


Abojeb Company will be significantly present in the 2017 BARI-SHIP Imabari Maritime Fair as an exhibitor and keynote speaker.

BARI-SHIP Imabari Maritime Fair is one of the biggest maritime and trade fair in Japan, participated by commercial vessel owners, operators, ship managers, and ship yard companies. It is organized biennially with the 2017 exhibition being the fifth in succession. Over 300 companies and more than 16,000 visitors participated in the 2015 BARI-SHIP fair.




As an international maritime event it is a perfect venue for Carl Martin Faannessen, Abojeb Managing Director, to discuss pressing matters affecting crew management today. His talk, entitled “Understanding Your Crew” will tackle:

– PEOPLE. Though shipping and its components have all changed rapidly, one aspect stays unchanged. The heart of the industry remains the same: People. With this in mind, it is only essential to focus on this crucial area.

– CULTURE. There are many ways for Japanese ship owners to better understand their Filipino crew. Both Japan and the Philippines have distinct cultures. Understanding the differences and similarities helps in the cooperation between ship and shore.

– ENGAGEMENT. The industry must attract the younger talent in seafaring. What are young seafarers concerned with? What makes them feel secure and happy?  Uncovering the uniqueness of the next generation may hold the key in keeping them engaged.



Abojeb will be present in the 3-day activity and will have representatives in booth F-61. The company presentation will be on Friday, 26 May 2017, 04:20 pm to 04:50 pm at Seminar Room C in TEXPORT Imabari.

About Abojeb Company

Abojeb Company, Inc. (Part of JEBSENS Group) is a leading and well-recognized integrated maritime, ship management and manpower services company from the Philippines. For 35 years, the company’s ship management unit has delivered cost-efficient, globally competitive, technical services to 125 vessels of various types. Abojeb Crewing (JEBSENS Maritime, Inc.) has honed its crewing services to provide the best people to more than 400 ships presently under its care – boasting 87% retention rate and a pool of 12,500 seafarers. The company continues to garner recognitions from the Philippine government and various industry-led organizations. Abojeb has expanded presence in Japan, the USA, Australia, and Greece.