Beyond the usual gathering for the Alfa/HJH crew

ONE TEAM. ONE GOAL. Thirty four (34) officers and crew from the Alfa/HJH team recently held a one-of-a-kind annual gathering in the form of a “discovery day and team building”.

Crew members together with Ms. Anna Fioole, from Alfa/HJH Headquarters in Germany, and the Abojeb Crew Management representatives, Salie, Sharmaine, and Aileen, took the challenge and adventure of participating in the interactive, physical, and fun activities of the day. While enjoying the team building, it also gave the participating officers and crew an opportunity to learn new adventures and at the same time re-discover themselves and the people they work with on a more personal level. The event not only deviates from the usual annual get together but it also paved the way for the team to discover how they can accomplish and achieve goals through proper communication, teamwork, and determination.

The positive feedback, laughter, and the show of camaraderie regardless of rank and age, demonstrated that together, everyone can achieve more. It’s all about TEAMWORK.

Thanks to Alfa/HJH and Jens Schumacher for making this possible!


Alfa HJH 2017