Hiring the Best Talent



Our people (or talent) are the most valuable assets of our organization.  After all, even the best strategies and plans come to nothing if our people are not capable to implement them.  It is for this reason that organizations who strive to excel constantly seek for the best people or talents.
However, before defining how to hire the best, let us first define what we mean by the best talents.  Best talent can be relative to the needs and expectations of those seeking it.  What may be best for one may not be the best for others.  For example, an engineer who has the exact experience and skills required may not be the best talent for an employer whose wage standards are below his current salary.
So based on how we have defined best, what should be done to ensure that we are able to hire the perfect talent we need?  The following are recommended steps and guidelines for organizations to follow:
  1. Clearly define work expectations in a Job Description
Work expectations should clearly indicate the responsibilities, accountabilities and tasks of the position, together with a well-defined and competitive pay package.  The recruiting party (whether it be your company’s HR or an external vendor) will also be guided to what you would define as ‘best’ if the Job Description contains the required competencies and skill-sets on top of the job experience and educational background.
  1. Create a proper plan prior to recruiting
Planning is a critical process in any business.  Unfortunately, this step may be taken for granted (or at times even set aside) as management constantly faces changing market situations, required shifts in business strategies, resignation of officers holding critical positions, etc.  In any case, we strongly encourage that a proper recruitment strategy be developed.  This strategy should result into a plan that should include the following:
– Resources allocated (budget for recruitment campaign, etc.)
– Ample lead time for the recruitment campaign (considering the conditions of the talent market for this position)
  1. Develop a thorough methodology for the 3 S’s of recruiting
The recruitment process has to be well-defined and conducted by competent people. The process includes:
– Sourcing usually considers searching for potential candidates through existing Talent Banks (if any). However, in its absence or inadequacy of the needed talent, the next step should be to develop a proper medium and media for posting of these vacancies.  The medium includes the advertising content and layout, while media refers to intranet, company bulletin boards, etc. (for internal hiring) and online posting, websites, newspaper advertisements, etc. (for external hiring).
– Screening refers to the activity of sorting out resumes of candidates who fit the required qualifications in the Job Description. It also includes contacting the candidates who have initially passed the screening process to get their interest and availability for the posted positions.
– Selection is a process of choosing the best candidate/s (among those interested and available) based on interviews, and the required trade, skills and/or psychological tests. If competencies and skill sets are well defined for the position/s being recruited, the selection process should use these as basis for defining the interview questions to be asked and the tests to be administered.  It is during this stage that the word ‘best’ talent will be determined.
For organizations with at least 200 employees and/or have an annual turn-over rate of at least twenty percent (20%), it is highly recommended to conduct annual manpower planning sessions – an off-shoot of Corporate Strategic Planning.
Through the implementation of these steps, the challenge of gaining the best talents you need becomes a calculated journey – no longer a dream, but a realizable plan.
*This article was written by C. Glenn K. Lopez, General Manager, Abojeb Manpower Solutions, the Land-Based Manpower Recruitment arm of Abojeb Company.
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