Bjørn Jebsen Named InterManager President


The Chief Executive Officer of Jebsens has been elected as the president of InterManager, the third party and in-house ship management association, effective immediately, succeeding Gerardo Borromeo, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC).

Jebsen was unanimously elected during the InterManager Annual General Meeting in Singapore.

“I am a strong believer in the overall objective of InterManager, which is to improve the image of shipping, the position of ship managers and to support the careers of seafarers,” says Jebsen during his first address as president. “I am looking forward to encouraging a cohesive dialogue between ship managers, owners and other stakeholders to build a sustainable future for our industry.”

Jebsens, whose headquarters is in Bergen, Norway, is one of the oldest family-run shipping companies with over 220 onshore personnel and over 8,000 seafarers in its pool serving the global shipping industry. The company is specializes in operating bulk carriers.

“We believe that Mr. Jebsen will bring a strong and commendable leadership to the Association and continue the values and agendas that InterManager strives to deliver within the global shipping community,” says Captain Kuba Szymanski, Secretary-General of InterManager. “Mr. Jebsen will be supported by four Vice Presidents, who will together help ensure we are meeting our members’ expectations.”

Borromeo will continue as a Vice Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping and as a member of the Executive Board of the World Maritime University.

“As I step down and hand the reins of the Association over, I remain confident that the efforts that have pushed InterManager forward over the past four years, even in very trying times, will further strengthen the Association’s position in this dynamic global industry,” says Boromeo who is stepping down after four years in the presidency.

AboJeb is jointly owned by Jebsens Invest AS and PTC Holdings Corp. Bjørn Jebsen and Gerardo Borromeo are board members of AboJeb Company, Inc.