Manila Meets Batangas: JFC Meet and Greet

Officers and members of Jebsens Family Circle (JFC) Manila Chapter recently met with their counterparts from the recently established JFC Batangas Chapter at the Officers Lounge, AboJeb Office in Manila. This was the first time that the officers from the two chapters formally met, exchanged ideas, and shared their insights on how to move forward the JFC programs for next year.

The JFC Manila Chapter was spearheaded by its President, Ms. Gina Gravino, and joined by Ms. Rosamarie Bang, Ms. Marjorie Norico, Ms. Roselyn Pronto, and Ms. Raquel Carreon. Meanwhile, JFC-Batangas was led by Ms. Gina Alvarez, Secretary, and was joined by Mr. Florencio Dinglasan, and Ms. Miriam Claveria. “Nakakatuwa na merong ganitong activity sa Jebsens, para mas ma-involve ang mga family sa activities (We are pleased to take part in activities organized by Jebsens as this will help in engaging the families of seafarers)”, Gravino emphasized. For their part, JFC-Batangas welcomes any activity that would engage seafarers’ families in their area. In fact the creation of the JFC alone is already a milestone for them. “Sana marami pang mga kasunod na tulad nito. We look forward to this. (We look forward to more similar activities in the future)”, Alvarez said.

They were also treated to a short talk from Mr. Yule Iglesias, financial advisor from BDO, Jebsens’ home allotment partner bank. He shared his expertise about insuring homes and lives as a way to aver unintended risks affecting the families of seafarers. “Seafarers have a very strong motivation to endure the pain of being away from the family that we don’t want to throw away the hard earned money of our seafarers”, Iglesias said. “It is still best to be educated and knowledgeable of whatever product we buy, the importance of insurance as protection to wealth and future cannot be taken for granted”, he added.

JFC is the association of family members of AboJeb seafarers. Its activities are supported by the Crew and Family Welfare team of Jebsens Maritime.