Understanding Needs: Creating a Culture of Success

In achieving a climate of Achievement Motivation, developmental psychologists advise that leaders must address three pillars of motivation – needs, personality, and relationships. The second part of our series focuses on understanding needs. (Read the first part here.) Even if leaders give time to understand the needs of their people, many may end up having READ MORE


The Essentials: Creating a Culture of Success

Many times we expect that people hired to do a job with the right skills and the required experience will automatically succeed and contribute to the team’s success. The fact is that without motivation, there is no drive for people to perform well and consistently over the long term. Skills and experience may be considered READ MORE


Seafarers’ Day 2017

On the 23rd of June 2017, Jebsens Maritime (JMI) celebrated the International Day of the Seafarers. Organized by Crew and Family Welfare Team, over 100 JMI seafarers joined the whole day celebration as they indulged in various fun and learning activities. A breakfast treat welcomed the seafarers as they arrived in the morning. In addition READ MORE


Abroad and On Board: Work Relationships Matter

Whether you’re on land or on sea, it is ideal if harmony is always present in the work environment. However, the reality, in industries and organizations with high stringent standards or performance objectives, is that it is filled with challenges, pressures and deadlines. There will be instances of misunderstandings, resentments, even feuds which can add READ MORE


Raising Children with Overseas Parents

  Most of the time, children of OFWs are left with their caregivers, which oftentimes are family members as well, to attend to their needs. This fact only highlights the importance of a caregiver’s role in child development. According to a study by E.E. Werner & Smith in 2001, many children who grew up on READ MORE

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