The Philippines continues to be one of the leading producers of competitive medical practitioners, particularly nurses. The Philippine Government’s Department of Labor and Employment states that the country graduates over 200,000 nurses annually. For several years now, Europe, Middle East, and North America has been steadily benefiting from the supply of Filipino nurses.

AJ Manpower has been serving the healthcare industry since 2010, drawing from the surplus of nursing and healthcare related graduates in the Philippines. Our placements are mainly concentrated in the Middle East and we are in the process of expanding in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our affiliate in sea-based crewing, Jebsens Maritime, has been deploying medical practitioners for passenger and cargo ships since its inception in 1982.


As a leading government-licensed agency for over two decades, AJ Manpower has been helping institutions acquire healthcare talent – assisting employers from accreditation procedures to personnel deployment. Filipino healthcare professionals choose AJ Manpower as their trusted agency that will enable them to achieve their career goals of working abroad.

Our healthcare candidates are sourced through a combination of digital and traditional recruitment channels and undergo a multi-phase screening process. We facilitate medical examination and language test interviews (e.g. IELTS) through accredited centers. Qualified candidates for employment are then given assistance on visa and travel process to facilitate on-time deployment.


Our nurses are suitable for private health providers, public health providers (such as the UK NHS) and the retirement living and care home providers.  We can supply specialist nurses, registered nurses, care assistants and medically trained hospitality staff for retirement villages.  We fully support the “Earn, Learn & Return” principle.


Contact Details:

Office: 2F Harbor Center II Bldg., Railroad Street, South Harbor, Port Area Manila
Telephone: +632 527 9980