Ship Management

AboJeb Ship Management provides cost efficient, safe, and reliable technical management services to Ship owners both for international and domestic vessels. Our expertise has enabled us to operate our vessels safely and efficiently taking into account all mandatory and industry recommended regulations.

Low cost solution

At AboJeb Ship Management, we focus on building long term relationships with our customers that drives higher value rather than focusing on short term gains that lead to unfavorable consequences. Our strategic office location, competent staff, in-house crewing / cost efficient purchasing and vast knowledge database helps us run ships safely at a lower cost thus saving the ship owners a lot of money in operational expenses for the vessel.

In-house Safety and Technical inspections

Our highly qualified and experienced Marine and Technical superintendents monitor the vessels’ day to day operation and performance through highly modern IT systems installed both onboard and ashore. They conduct regular inspections on these vessels to collect and analyze data which is then used to improve vessels safety, security and ensures full compliance with all the mandatory regulations and recommended guidelines for the type of vessel. The company also uses the Hudson TMSA logix platform as a tool to measure and improve its safety and management systems.

Dry-docking service

We deliver predictable and hassle free solution for dry dockings. Our aim is to ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing expected cost.

  • Setting the scene for an efficient dry docking

    We provide plans and specifications that gives you predictability and limit unexpected costs through yard knowledge and extensive information about local and international regulations. With our dry-docking expertise, we help enable fast and cost effective transition into the dock.

  • Getting the vessel into the dock

    With our dry-docking expertise, we help enable fast and cost effective transition into the dock. Our experienced dry-docking superintendents are ready to fulfill the agreed scope. You will be regularly provided on the status of vessel deliveries, timeframes and costs.

  • Sustainable and long term dry dock partner

    Through an evaluation, we will demonstrate value added savings as well as resolve any uncertainties – enabling both you and us to conduct efficient dry dockings in the future.

Purchasing & Accounting services

The company’s purchasing and accounting systems are further enhanced with ABS NS5, TMSALogix, and Refman. Our systems allow proper planning of the vessel’s maintenance program and ensure a centralized system for purchases of spare parts, stores and consumables.

Vessel reports are also created with these systems, to ensure that superintendents and ship-owners get updated information on the performance of the vessel.

Running cost budgeting and analysis

Our integrated software solutions such as NS5, Shipserve, and Refman ensure a timely planned maintenance system which allows for early planning of jobs, thus eliminating unwanted breakdowns and off hires. Dry-dock specs and spares are also taken care off by these software solutions to ensure proper planning in purchase of spare parts and required maintenance tasks to be carried out. We make sure our customers get the best rates for spares and repairs required by their vessels.

All accounts are made transparent to vessel owners, in detail, at any time requested. We use our years of expertise to suggest possible ways to reduce vessel operating costs and run the ships efficiently and economically.

Record keeping and proper documentation

The company uses a ship and shore module of the Hudson TMSA logix platform which synchronizes all records and documents between ships to shore. This ensures ready accessibility of information both on ship and ashore. We follow the TMSA guidelines on our dry ships to raise our standards of ship management thus running ships more efficiently.