Understanding Needs: Creating a Culture of Success

In achieving a climate of Achievement Motivation, developmental psychologists advise that leaders must address three pillars of motivation – needs, personality, and relationships. The second part of our series focuses on understanding needs. (Read the first part here.)
Even if leaders give time to understand the needs of their people, many may end up having only a shallow understanding. This will lead to the inability to guide people in making a good connection on how achievement of their key performance indicators can contribute to the fulfillment of their needs. When people do not realize any connection, work performance is usually at the minimum. And, if their drive to fulfill these needs is great, another part of their mind is searching for other opportunities where these needs can be met.
Other managers may say that it is their people’s responsibility to make that connection. However, people come from different backgrounds and have different perceptions or views. These factors will come to play and will determine whether they make a solid, weak, or no connection.
Leaders must make sure that people are always enthusiastic at their work. They should exert effort to fuel their passion and drive to excel at work. Allow them to clearly understand that through the results they deliver, not only does the company benefit, but that they too are on the road to the fulfillment of their desires and aspirations.
The third part of this series will focus on Assessing Personality. Stay tuned!
*This article was written by C. Glenn K. Lopez, General Manager, Abojeb Manpower Solutions, the Land-Based Manpower Recruitment arm of Abojeb Company.
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